Frequently Asked Questions

General information

What is Lake?

Lake is an Apple Design award-winning coloring app for iPad and iPhone that helps you unwind while being creative. It comes with the largest selection of coloring books by indie illustrators, whose work is made available exclusively on Lake. Lake is also a community. When you subscribe to Lake, you support artists, since part of your subscription goes directly to them. By becoming our member, you gain full access to all styles/artists, including everything and everyone that is still to come! And while it’s true that Lake was designed for adults, numerous cases of kids being completely mesmerised by it have been reported.

What is our mission? 

Our mission is to help you relax by expressing yourself in the safe environment of Lake. We invite you to try and commit yourself to a daily mindful coloring break as a stepping stone to a more peaceful and more present you. Pay attention to how it affects you and how your mood changes. If it feels good and if this is something that works for you, try prolonging this coloring journey and making it a healthy habit. 

What makes Lake different from other coloring apps?

Lake brings you real art by real people. At the same time, it is an opportunity to directly support our beautiful artist community. When you subscribe to Lake, you support all of our artists, since a part of each membership fee gets sent directly to them on a regular basis. We are all for fair p(l)ay!

How does an artist get featured on Lake? 

Does someone's art inspire you? Can you see it as a coloring book? We are interested! Get in touch, let us know who you’d like to see become a part of our beautiful tribe. is the email.

Can I purchase an individual coloring book? 

It is no longer possible to purchase an individual coloring book. The decision to remove single in-app purchases (IAP)was based on the fact that a very small number of Lake users opted for this. Because of that and because of recurring technical issues when adding new IAPs, we made it easier on you and on ourselves by making Lake subscription only. Subscription gives you the luxury of choice when you want to relax by coloring any of the illustrations on Lake. You can choose among many different artists, various available styles, and express yourself by finding that exact right shade among 700+ colors. And remember: by subscribing, you directly support our artist community, since they receive a fair portion of your membership fee on a regular basis.

Why is everything not free? 

We wish we could be giving everything away for free, and make magic of coloring available to all!! But as we are sure you will understand, Lake is a business with 10+ people putting their love and knowledge into it every week of the year. By listening to your feedback and translating it into a better experience, we are constantly striving to create a service that you can enjoy and benefit from fully. Our mission is also to be an active supporter of the artist community, helping them make a living as artists. We do so by sharing a part of your membership fee directly with them. However, if you do not see yourself as a part of our cause, you can of course use Lake for free as well. There are over 150 free illustrations to choose from, and more gets uploaded regularly. You get full access to the tools, the main color wheel and most of Lake functionalities. We have no doubt that you can find the style that ignites that creative spark in you even with the free version of Lake! 

Where can I find free art?

You can find free coloring pages in all sections of the Hey! tab and via the #Free tag on All Art tab. You start off with 8 free illustrations. Any other day you come back, there are always 2 to 6 new free illustrations, so be sure to claim (= color them).

Can I print out an illustration and paint with my pencils?

Of course, go ahead! Create your version of the illustrations you love the most, put them up on your wall or let people see them by sharing on Instagram! Don’t forget to add #lakecoloring.

Can I print an illustration on a T-shirt and sell it?

That would be extremely awesome, but unfortunately, you are not allowed to. By downloading Lake, you agree to use the content for your own personal, non-commercial entertainment purposes. For more information, please read our Terms of Service. Thank you for understanding and respecting authors and their intellectual property rights!


What does Lake Premium include?

By subscribing to Lake Premium you get unlimited access to all featured artists/styles, coloring books, artists custom color palettes and our Rainbow Wheel. By subscribing you also support the artists on a monthly basis, as part of your subscription fee goes directly to them.

Good to know

The payment will be charged to your iTunes Account when you confirm the purchase. The subscription automatically renews for the same price and duration period as the original one week/one month/one year plan, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel the subscription or the free trial anytime via the subscription setting through your iTunes account. Make sure you do this at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial or subscription period to avoid being charged. If you want to know more about this, please go to You can turn off auto-renewal of your subscription via your iTunes Account Settings. However, you cannot cancel your current subscription during its active period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a Lake Premium subscription.

How do I restore Lake Premium on new devices?

It’s simple! Tap the “Restore purchases” button in the Settings section (tap the [lake wave icon-image] in the right upper corner of Lake’s home screen).

How do I switch subscription plans? Open your device settings and tap iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > View Apple ID > enter the password > Subscriptions > Lake > select the subscription plan you are after.

How do I cancel my free trial or subscription? Open your device settings and tap iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > View Apple ID > enter the password > Subscriptions > Assembly > Cancel Subscription button at the bottom.

Why was I charged automatically?

Oh, that’s awkward! The subscription model is a relatively new thing and we are aware it may still be a bit of an enigma to those who are not used to it yet. Let us explain how it works. You have most probably subscribed to Lake via the free trial, which lasts 7 days. Just before the end of the trial period, you have received an email from Apple (who handles all payments, including subscriptions) informing you that the premium subscription will now begin: check your spam folder or search for it by typing “Your invoice from Apple” in your inbox, if you cannot see it. If you did not wish to become a premium member, that would have been the right time to unsubscribe without being charged. But don’t worry, you can unsubscribe any time by following the steps described here: Once you do that, you will no longer have full access to Lake content. If you need more help with unsubscribing, you can always reach out to us at  Good to know: special promotions e.g. 50% off start without the free trial and go into subscription mode right away.

Do I lose my artwork when my subscription ends?

Of course not! Any drawings that you’ve started to color from any of the coloring books and saved to your gallery will remain there. However, after the subscription runs out, you won’t be able to recolor them, since you lose your Lake Premium advantages.

Can I subscribe to an artist?

Nope, unfortunately not at this time.