Relax through creativity

Hey! Welcome to Lake: a coloring app with the largest collection of coloring books by indie illustrators. Unwind and relax by being creative while supporting artists directly.

Use it on your iPad or iPhone.

Let coloring bring you into the present moment

Coloring is a creative outlet and also a way to relax your brain and practice mindfulness. A process similar to meditation that helps you let go of any thoughts about upcoming or past events, being focused solely on the here and now, without judging your experience.

Exercise mindfulness

Train your focus. By focusing your attention on how you apply color and by immersing yourself fully into the experience, you’re training your attention muscle and learning how to enter the state of flow.

Relieve the anxiety

By engaging your senses and immersing yourself into the process of coloring, your brain experiences a sense of relief and is able to enter a meditative state, allowing stressful and unpleasant thoughts to fade into the background.

Establish bedtime routine

Mindful coloring practice before bedtime can aid in helping you fall asleep easier. The process of coloring will allow you to slowly unwind from the day and calm down your body and mind.

*Make sure to enable the Night Shift on your device.


Here’s to Lake

Lake is more than just an app, it’s a community. A community of talented people joining together to offer you a wide selection of amazing artwork that you can then make a little bit your own. Every coloring book unveils its own unique story; connect to the ones that speak to you.

By supporting Lake, you’re also supporting Lake artists, since part of your subscription fee goes directly to them.